HOWTO: Create an artificial slow WAN connection

I’m studying on BranchCache and needed a way to simulate a low speed WAN connection. I found someone who referenced a tool written by some guy who works for Microsoft called the Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit.  It allows you to simulate just about any kind of network connection or network level of reliability.


You want a connection with 60ms response time, 2% packet loss and 512k down and 128k?  You got it.  I took a few sample screenshots from the product as I was testing it out:

I set it to a predefined template of “ADSL(128/512)” and tried copying a file.  Normally I get 50 to 80mb/s.  But after turning this thing on…



I thought it was pretty neat. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can grab it from here:

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