Celebrate International Women’s Day with 24 Radio Hours of Music by Women

I heard tonight that a local radio station will celebrate International Women’s Day by playing songs exclusively by women for 24 straight hours.  This got me thinking — could I fill an entire day’s worth of music sung only by women and do so using only songs that I actually know and like?

I realized I have almost 1,000 songs in my MP3 collection that have been acquired over two decades.  I figure if I have it, it’s a safe bet to say I like the song so I wondered how many hours all those songs would add up to.

First I needed to set a couple of ground rules.  Since the objective is to fill “24 hours” of Radio airplay, I have to take into account commercials and DJ banter.  Some googling suggests that a typical radio station plays 80% music every hour which sounds about right.  That works out to 40 minutes each hour or 16 total hours of music over a 24 hour period.

Finally, to be eligible for this list, the song must be sung exclusively by a woman or women.  Duets or guest spots make the song ineligible.

To figure this out, I needed to scan all of my MP3s and dump the list into Excel along with each song Duration.

I accomplished that with the following code:

Function Get-MP3Duration($FilePath)
$shell = New-Object -COMObject Shell.Application

$folder = Split-Path $filepath
$file = Split-Path $filepath -Leaf

$shellfolder = $shell.Namespace($folder)
$shellfile = $shellfolder.ParseName($file)

$shellfolder.GetDetailsOf($shellfile, 27);

$MP3s = Get-ChildItem -recurse c:\mp3s *.mp3 | select name, fullname

$Results = @()

ForEach($MP3 in $MP3s)
write-host "Processing $($MP3.name)" -ForegroundColor Green
$Results += [pscustomobject]@{
Name = $MP3.name
Duration = Get-MP3Duration $($MP3.fullname)

$results | convertto-csv -Delimiter "^" | clip

I then went through and deleted any songs by men or that otherwise didn’t qualify.  I ended up with 238 songs totaling 16 hours an 7 minutes which is exactly in the sweet spot I needed.

So in honor of International Women’s Day, here are the songs I would choose if I had to program a radio station with only music by women for a day:

Artist Title Duration
Adele One And Only 0:05:48
Adele Lovesong 0:05:16
Adele Someone Like You 0:04:47
Adele He Won’t Go 0:04:37
Adele Turning Tables 0:04:10
Adele Don’t You Remember 0:04:03
Adele Set Fire To The Rain 0:04:01
Adele I’ll Be Waiting 0:04:01
Adele Hello 0:04:01
Adele Rolling In The Deep 0:03:49
Adele Take It All 0:03:48
Adele Rumour Has It 0:03:43
Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know 0:04:09
Alanis Morissette Ironic 0:03:50
Alanis Morissette Hand in my Pocket 0:03:42
Alicia Keys No One 0:04:13
Alicia Keys If I Ain’t Got You 0:03:48
Alicia Keys Fallin 0:03:30
All Saints Never Ever 0:05:14
All Saints Let’s Get Started 0:04:15
Amanda Marshall Dark Horse 0:05:37
Amanda Marshall Last Exit To Eden 0:05:24
Amanda Marshall Promises 0:05:22
Amanda Marshall Birmingham 0:05:21
Amanda Marshall Beautiful Goodbye 0:05:17
Amanda Marshall Trust Me (This Is Love) 0:04:59
Amanda Marshall Let It Rain 0:04:32
Amanda Marshall Fall From Grace 0:04:20
Amanda Marshall Sitting On Top Of The World 0:04:19
Amanda Marshall Let’s Get Lost 0:04:13
Amy Sky I Will Take Care Of You 0:04:31
Angels The My Boyfriend’s Back 0:02:37
Annie Lennox Walking On Broken Glass 0:04:13
Aretha Franklin Respect 0:02:29
Ariana Grande No Tears Left To Cry 0:03:25
Avril Lavine Complicated 0:04:05
Avril Lavine I’m With You 0:03:44
Avril Lavine Skater Boy 0:03:24
Bette Midler From a Distance 0:04:36
Beyonce Knowles Dangerously In Love 0:04:53
Beyonce Knowles Best Thing I Never Had 0:04:14
Billie She Wants You 0:03:39
Billie Myers Kiss the Rain 0:04:31
Boomtang Boys Pictures 0:03:50
Boomtang Boys Squeeze Toy 0:03:37
Brandy Sitting up in my Room 0:04:51
Brandy That Boy is Mine 0:04:01
Britney Spears From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart 0:05:11
Britney Spears Born To Make You Happy 0:04:03
Britney Spears Everytime 0:03:56
Britney Spears Sometimes 0:03:54
Britney Spears Thinkin’ About You 0:03:34
Britney Spears One More Time 0:03:32
Britney Spears Opps I Did It Again 0:03:31
Britney Spears Stronger 0:03:22
Britney Spears Overprotected 0:03:19
Britney Spears (You Drive Me) Crazy 0:03:17
Britney Spears You Got It All 0:01:38
Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe 0:03:13
Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats 0:03:19
Celine Dion Power of Love 0:05:43
Celine Dion All By Myself 0:05:12
Celine Dion To Love You More 0:04:40
Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On 0:04:38
Celine Dion Because You Loved Me 0:04:36
Celine Dion Where Does my Heart Beat Now 0:04:32
Celine Dion When I Need You 0:04:11
Celine Dion That’s The Way It Is 0:04:03
Celion Dion It’s All Coming Back To Me Now 0:07:37
Chantal Kreviazuk Leaving On A Jet Plane 0:04:39
Cher Believe 0:03:58
Christina Aguilera The Voice Within 0:05:04
Christina Aguilera Somebodys Somebody 0:05:03
Christina Aguilera I Turn To You 0:04:33
Christina Aguilera Nobody Wants to Be Lonely 0:04:11
Christina Aguilera Hurt 0:04:03
Christina Aguilera Love For All Seasons 0:03:59
Christina Aguilera Beautiful 0:03:58
Christina Aguilera Love Will Find A Way 0:03:56
Christina Aguilera What A Girl Wants 0:03:53
Christina Aguilera Genie in a Bottle 0:03:42
Christina Aguilera Don’t Make Me Love You 0:03:39
Christina Aguilera When You Put Your Hands On Me 0:03:35
Christina Aguilera All I Want Is You 0:03:09
Christina Aguilera Blessed 0:03:06
Christina Perri A Thousand Years 0:04:48
Cindy Lauper Time After Time 0:03:55
Deanna Carter We Danced Anyway 0:03:24
Debra Cox Who Do You Love 0:03:35
Desree Life 0:03:37
Destiny’s Child Say My Name 0:04:31
Destiny’s Child Bills Bills Bills 0:04:15
Destiny’s Child Emotions 0:03:56
Divine Lately 0:04:17
Donna Summer She Works Hard For the Money 0:05:20
En Vogue Never Gonna Get It 0:04:42
Enya Orinoco Flow 0:04:25
Evanescence My Immortal 0:04:33
Faith Hill Breathe 0:04:10
Faith Hill It Matters To Me 0:03:17
Florance and the Machine Dog Days Are Over 0:04:12
Florance and the Machine Howl 0:03:34
Florance and the Machine Hurricane Drunk 0:03:13
Florance and the Machine I’m Not Calling You A Liar 0:03:05
Gina G Ooh Ahh, Just A Little Bit 0:03:27
Gloria Estefan Coming out of the Dark 0:04:03
Gloria Estefan Reach 0:03:50
Gloria Gaynor I Will Survive 0:03:18
Holly Mcnarland I Cry 0:04:22
Holly Mcnarland Numb 0:03:57
Idina Menzel Let It Go 0:04:02
Irene Cara What a Feeling 0:03:54
IU Good Day 0:03:55
Jan Arden Insensitive 0:04:18
Janet Jackson Escapade 0:04:44
Janet Jackson Runaway 0:03:40
Jann Arden Good Mother 0:04:58
Jann Arden Thing for You 0:04:40
Jann Arden Unloved 0:04:14
Jann Arden Where No One Knows Me 0:04:01
Jann Arden Will You Remember Me 0:03:46
Jann Arden You Don’t Know Me 0:03:27
Jennifer Lopez Again 0:05:46
Jennifer Lopez If You Had My Love 0:03:48
Jennifer Lopez Love Don’t Cost A Thing 0:03:42
Jennifer Lopez Play 0:03:34
Jennifer Love Hewitt Love Will Show You Everything 0:03:03
Jessica Simpson I belong to me 0:03:40
Jewel Foolish Games 0:05:39
Jewel Who will Save your Soul 0:03:59
Jo Dee Messina Heads Carolina, Tails California 0:03:26
JoJo Too little too late 0:03:34
Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi 0:02:14
Katy Perry Firework 0:03:45
Kelly Clarkson Stronger 0:03:41
Kelly Clarkson Breakaway 0:03:08
Kesha Tik Tok 0:03:25
Kristine Lovin You 0:03:32
LeAnn Rimes One Way Ticket 0:03:42
Leanne Rimes How Do I Live 0:04:26
Leanne Rimes Can’t Fight The MoonLight 0:03:35
Lee Hyori 10 Minutes 0:04:19
Leona Lewis Bleeding Love 0:04:22
Lisa Loeb Stay 0:03:02
Madonna Like a Prayer 0:05:50
Madonna This Used to be My Playground 0:05:09
Madonna American Pie 0:04:32
Madonna Music 0:03:27
Madonna Dress You up in my Love 0:01:40
Madonna Don’t Tell Me 0:04:41
Mandy Moore Only Hope 0:03:54
Mariah Carey Butterfly 0:04:34
Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby 0:04:17
Mariah Carey Hero 0:04:17
Mariah Carey Heartbreaker 0:04:13
Mariah Carey Fantasy 0:04:03
Mariah Carey Dream Lover 0:03:54
Mariah Carey Love Takes Time 0:03:46
Mariah Carey Without You 0:03:33
Meredith Brooks Bitch 0:04:08
Michelle Branch Everywhere 0:03:40
Michelle Branch All You Wanted 0:03:37
Miss Elliot Get Ur Freak On 0:04:00
Monica Angel Of Mine 0:04:10
Natalie Imbruglia Torn 0:04:07
No Doubt Don’t Speak 0:04:28
Paula Abdul Opposites Attract 0:04:25
Paula Abdul Straight Up 0:04:11
Paula Abdul Rush Rush 0:04:52
Rihanna Unfaithful 0:03:51
Rihanna Take a Bow 0:03:50
Rihanna Diamonds 0:03:45
Robyn Here We Go 0:04:46
Robyn The Last Time 0:04:45
Robyn In My Heart 0:04:01
Robyn Show Me Love 0:03:51
Robyn Do You Know What It Takes 0:03:43
Robyn I Wish (A Cappella) 0:02:31
Ronettes Be My Baby 0:02:39
Roxette It Must’ve Been Love 0:04:19
Selena Dreaming of You 0:05:14
Selena I’ll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me) 0:03:50
Shania Twain The Woman In Me 0:04:49
Shania Twain From This Moment 0:04:41
Shania Twain If You’re Not In It For Love (I’m Outta Here) 0:04:29
Shania Twain You Win My Love 0:04:25
Shania Twain That Don’t Impress Me Much 0:03:38
Shania Twain Don’t Be Stupid 0:03:34
Shania Twain Love Gets Me Every Time 0:03:33
Shania Twain You’re Still The One 0:03:32
Shania Twain You’ve Got A Way 0:03:25
Shania Twain No One Needs To Know 0:02:58
Holding Out for a Hero Jennifer Saunders 0:03:56
Sinead O’Connor Nothing Compares To You 0:05:07
Sixpence None The Richer Kiss Me 0:03:22
Sophie B. Hawkins Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover 0:05:23
Spice Girls Viva Forever 0:05:09
Spice Girls Mama 0:05:05
Spice Girls Too Much 0:04:30
Spice Girls Goodbye 0:04:21
Spice Girls Walk of Life 0:04:16
Spice Girls Take Me Home 0:04:08
Spice Girls 2 Become 1 0:04:01
Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are 0:04:00
Spice Girls Say You’ll Be There 0:03:55
Spice Girls If You Can’t Dance 0:03:48
Spice Girls Stop 0:03:24
Spice Girls Wannabe 0:02:53
Spice Girls Move Over 0:02:46
Stacie Orrico (There’s Gotta Be) More To Life 0:03:20
SWV I Get So Weak in the Knees 0:04:45
Taylor Swift Blank Space 0:03:51
Taylor Swift Shake it Off 0:04:01
The Ronettes Be My Baby 0:02:38
The Supremes You Can’t Hurry Love 0:02:45
Tiffany I Think We’re Alone Now 0:03:45
Tina Arena Chains 0:04:21
Tina Turner Whats Love Got To Do With It 0:03:50
TLC Red Light Special 0:04:32
TLC Waterfalls 0:04:14
TLC Unpretty 0:04:08
TLC No Scrub 0:03:36
Toni Braxton Another Sad Love Song 0:05:01
Toni Braxton Unbreak My Heart 0:04:28
Toni Braxton You’re Making Me High 0:04:27
Toni Braxton I Don’t Want To 0:04:15
Tracy Chapman Fast Car 0:04:56
Trisha Yearwood She’s in Love with the Boy 0:04:05
Trisha Yearwood Perfect Love 0:02:57
Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles 0:03:56
Vanessa Williams Save The Best For Last 0:03:40
Vitamin C  Graduation 0:05:39
Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance with Somebody 0:04:51
Whitney Houston I have Nothing 0:04:49
Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You 0:04:30
Wilson Phillips You’re In Love 0:04:51
Wilson Phillips Hold On 0:03:40







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    Some great songs are there.

    • Anonymous on March 7, 2019 at 9:19 pm
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    I really like Adele.

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