2019 Okanagan Half Marathon Route Map

UPDATE:  Since I made the waypoints anyway, I thought it might be fun to make a video flythrough of the entire 21.1KM of the course.  It’s quick and dirty and more than a little silly but it does serve to demonstrate that this is not going to be easy.  Check out the video here:


I’m as surprised as anyone but I have officially registered and paid to run a 21.1km half marathon this October.  Specifically I have entered the 2019 Okanagan Half Marathon which takes place in Kelowna, BC on October 20th.  For those keeping score at home, that’s just 6 months from the time of this writing.

I wanted to know what the route looked like so I could better visualize and mentally prepare during my training.  Unfortunately while the official website (available at https://www.okanaganmarathon.ca/route-maps-p183040) includes a “Route Map” for the “21K”, it actually only includes written directions.  That’s not terribly useful.

So I decided to manually map out all of the waypoints of the course in Google Earth Pro.  I figure I’d post this here in case it’s useful for anyone also participating in the same race or more generally are interested in what 21KM actually looks.

To start us off, here is what the course looks like when taken in as a whole.  The segments highlighted in yellow are those that have to be completed twice (once in either direction).


To get a little more insight into how each segment of the course looks, below is a series of 7 zoomed segments where each written direction from the official website is marked as a waypoint.

Section 001-009


Section 009-018


Section 018-021


Section 021-025


Section 025-030


Section 030-041


Section 041-046


Finally, below is a table of all of the official waypoints along with the index number used in the images above along with the approximate distance between each waypoint.

Index Direction Distance
1 Run east left on Abbott Street 0
2 Right on Bernard Ave 172
3 Left on Water Street 190
4 Left on Sunset Dr. 896
5 Light on Manhattan Dr. turns into Recreation Ave 535
6 Left on Richter Street 845
7 Right on Weddell Pl 93
8 Left on Gordon Dr. turns into Crowley Ave 895
9 Right on Ethel Street, do turn point 716
10 Right on Bay Ave 117
11 Right on Jones Street 202
12 Left on Trench Pl, stay right to Broadway Ave 360
13 Left on Ellis Street 581
14 Right on Manhattan Dr. 754
15 Right on Guy Street 440
16 Left on Manhattan Dr. 260
17 Right on Sunset Dr. 571
18 Right on Waterfront Pathway (Rotary Marsh), 108
19 Turns into Stuart Park Pathway 1224
20 Turns into Kerry Park Pathway 195
21 Turns into City Park pathway 547
22 Enter Hwy #97 tunnel, stay on Mill Creek pathway 399
23 Right on Abbott Street 445
24 Left on Christleton Ave 1378
25 Right on Abbott Street 96
26 Right on Wardlaw Ave 513
27 Left on Abbott Street 179
28 Right on Meikle Ave 727
29 Left on Walnut Street 73
30 Left on Watt Rd 279
31 Enter Gyro Park 343
32 Exit to Swordy Rd 305
33 Left on Casorso Rd 341
34 Right on KLO Rd 530
35 Left on Campus Road East 644
36 Left on Raymer Ave 436
37 Left on Tutt Street 933
38 Right on West Street 58
39 Right on Abbott Street 365
40 Right on Wardlaw Ave 312
41 Left on Abbott Street 94
42 Left on Christleton Ave 536
43 Right on Abbott Street 94
44 Left on Mill Creek Pathway 1378
45 Enter Hwy #97 tunnel, exit onto City 436
46 Park pathway, to finish line 405
Total Distance 21000

The maxmium allowed time to complete the course is 3 hours 25 minutes which works out to a maximum pace time of 9 minutes 45 seconds per kilometer for each of the 21 kilometers.  We’ll see how this goes.


    • Marc on April 22, 2019 at 5:43 pm
    • Reply

    1 day at a time – you’ve set your goal, now start chipping away at it. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and stick to your plans. Listen to your body, and rest it when it needs it. You have the ‘plan’ to build up to the distance, try to follow that the best you can, and before you know it, it’ll all come together.

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