HOWTO: Parse HTML using PowerShell

Unimportant Backstory

Today I was unfortunate to discover that one of the drives in my FreeNAS box failed.  I replaced the drive and wanted to watch the progress of the rebuild.  If you log into the FreeNAS web management console there is a section that shows you the number of sectors synchronized and the percent complete.  But that’s only useful if you stare at it.  I want to know if it’s locked up which would require grabbing this value and if it doesn’t change after a certain period, send an email alert.

But before I can do any of that, I need to start with the basics and figure out how to pull the actual HTML from the website so I can parse it and do interesting things like that from there.

Important Part

The code below has the following capabilities:

  • Is able to programatically authenticate against any PHP based (and possibly other) authentication mechanisms
  • Connects to a specific URL and pulls down all of the raw HTML for that page into a variable for further manipulation

This is certainly a handy snippet to keep in your back pocket!


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