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The Right Way to Take Screenshots

Being in IT means I have to take a lot of screenshots for use in various kinds of documentation. With the release of Windows Vista/7, Microsoft included the “Snipping Tool” which proved to be an invaluable improvement over any free solution I used at the time.  That is to say, alt-print screen and mspaint. Snagit …

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HOWTO: Create an artificial slow WAN connection

I’m studying on BranchCache and needed a way to simulate a low speed WAN connection. I found someone who referenced a tool written by some guy who works for Microsoft called the Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit.  It allows you to simulate just about any kind of network connection or network level of reliability.   …

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HOWTO: High Level Configuration of Dynamic Access Control

I have been playing around with Dynamic Access Control in Windows Server 2012 for a few hours now and finally got it doing something useful. I wanted to document in broad terms what steps were needed to configure DAC:   Edit your default Domain Controllers policy and enable support for Claims Claims are essentially the …

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Ipv6 Cheat Sheet

I found this cheat sheet for ipv6. It is very handy as it includes a column for ipv4 equivalents. Through this I was able to confirm that: FF00:: is for multicast addresses and is similar to is for Teredo (allows ipv6 to tunnel through ipv4 NATs) FC00: and FD00: are called Unique Local …

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HOWTO: Use Word as your WordPress Publishing Platform

Did you know that since Word 2007, Microsoft natively supports publishing directly to WordPress? It’s true! Why would you want this? In my case, I regularly create documentation at work that would likely be useful to a wider audience. I create this documentation in Outlook and unfortunately due to the HTML rendering engine used in …

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HOWTO: Install a Slackware Linux BIND DNS Server From Scratch

This HOWTO describes how to set up a Slackware Linux based BIND9 virtual DNS server.  The background on why this HOWTO came to be is that I recently received a renewal notice for my domain  I haven’t used this domain for anything in nearly a year.  Not wanting to pay for DNS hosting or …

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