HOWTO: Generate a Microsoft Exam Checklist

Are you studying for a Microsoft certification exam?  If so, then you are probably familiar with the “Skills Measured” website that describes what will be covered on your exam.  If not, it looks something like this:


I’m currently studying for my 70-347 – Enabling Office 365 Services exam.  The skills measured list above is a great starting point to use to determine what to search for and study and experiment with in your lab.  However the layout of the website has never appealed to me.  I would much prefer the text in Excel where I can annotate and color code it.  Unfortunately you can’t just copy and paste the text from the website into Excel as the HTML formatting makes everything a mess.

To solve this, I wrote a short PowerShell script that directly downloads the HTML for the specified exam, extracts out all of the exam content and then dumps it into Excel.  I’ve found this very useful in my studying so I figured I’d share.  To give context, running the script turns the above screenshot into this*:


* The colors aren’t included since it returns CSV data but it takes only a few seconds to color the entries as you prefer which is a huge time saver over trying to do so manually.


I’ve tried it on a few different exam pages and it seems to be robust enough to work with all the ones I’ve tried.  If this is something you think, you might find useful, the PowerShell script is below:



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