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HOWTO: Verify free space on C: for all servers with PowerShell

We will be applying production windows updates to all of our production servers shortly and I wanted to manually verify that we had at least 2GB free on all of our C: drives in preparation for the update.  We have automated monitoring systems but I wanted to grab the information directly to ensure it was …

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HOWTO: Restore AD Object from 2008 R2 Domain

I am in a situation where I need to delete a critical production Database server computer object in Active Directory for an upgrade but in the event that upgrade fails, I will need to restore the original computer object. To that end I found an excellent Technet blog on the subject at But for …

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HOWTO: Get-ADUser for Display Names

When working with Active Directory from PowerShell, you’ll often find yourself using the Get-ADUser cmdlet.  You’ll find yourself often looking up user accounts by typing something like Get-ADUser jsmith which works just fine as jsmith is the samaccountname for a user in Active Directory.  But what happens if you want to look up by Display Name?  Or more commonly, …

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HOWTO: Quick and dirty Active Directory User Creation using Powershell

I had a situation where I needed to create a bunch of service accounts using pre-created complex passwords.  Now there are tons of Powershell scripts online to accomplish just this but in my brief searching they all seemed either too simplistic or far too complex.  So I decided instead to draft my own.  You can …

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HOWTO: Automated DHCP Backups

I created the script below to back up the DHCP servers in our environment, set it up as a nightly scheduled task and then frankly forgot about it.  That is until a few days ago when due to a power outage, we lost a DHCP server that refused to boot once power was restored.  Thanks …

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HOWTO: Update NetApp DataFabric Manager Hosts without needing to rebaseline

This HOWTO describes how to reconfigure an existing NetApp DataFabric Manager installation with preexisting Snap Vault relationships when the primary hostnames and IPs change and to accomplish all of this without needing to re-baseline.   Consider the situations where you have a NetApp Filer that you want to replace with a new Windows file server …

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HOWTO: Rename a VMware virtual machine base files

This HOWTO describes how to rename a VMware virtual machine’s underline files inside the VMFS file system.  It turns out that the name that is displayed in the vSphere Web Client and VI Client is simply a display name.  It is actually attached to an underline UUID that describes that machine.  That UUID is associated …

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vRanger Automated Savepoint Cleanup

In our environment, we have configured vRanger to backup with the equivalent of 2 full backups and 6 incrementals before the earliest backup is overwritten.  This provides some protection against a single full backup becoming corrupted for whatever reason and rendering the entire backup of that virtual machine useless.  However, this configuration does add a …

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HOWTO: Ultimate Powershell Home Drive Verification Script

The script below was designed to solve the following problem in my environment.  We have 32 discrete home servers scattered across Canada and thousands of employees that use them.  The problem was appeared to have many times more folders than we did employees.  This turned out to be the result of having an incomplete take …

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I have a wall!

My certification journey has produced its first physical fruit.